The first golf course in Coronach was actually constructed in 1930, north of the CPR railroad track in downtown Coronach, but the course was a poor location so new grounds were sought out by a few permanent residents: John Wilson - the pharmacist, Dave Aldous - the school principal, Marv Day - the grocer, and a temporary town resident, who was a crew member living and working southwest of town for the Imperial Oil Drilling company by the name of "Par" Fletcher.

There was an area south of town belonging to the Municipality. The Municipality agreed to donate this area for a golf course. In 1958 plans were started to construct a three hole course. John Wilson designed #1 layout - 212 yds - along the present #1, Dave Aldous designed #2 - 315 yds from present #1 green to the top of the hill, and Marv Day designed #3 - 365 yds down the hill along the present #9 fairway.




In 1959, three more holes were constructed. Numbers 3, 4 and 5 were over the hill and #6 was what is now our 9th hole. The first tournament was held on Oct. 18, 1959 with 20 entries. The first clubhouse was built by Evans Scott in 1960.




The remaining three holes were constructed in 1964. In 1980, the CPR kept in touch with the wishes for Coronach to have a golf course by donating their CPR building to the golf club. The building was moved to the south of town near the golf course, where it still is today.


1977 Annual Tournament






Scobey Tournament 1967 (left to right)
?? Marv Day, John Dosch, Don Day?, Greg Day, Russ Malone?, ??




1981 Anyone guess who is on the tee?






Original players in the first tournament 1959 (picture taken 1999 at the 40th Anniversary)




Marv Day chipping onto #9 sand green (1989)
Thanks to Val Rousseau (daughter of Marv Day) for contributing to this article.

Hundreds of volunteers have spent countless hours re-constructing the golf course; introducing watered fairways, sand greens to grass greens, renovations to the club house, construction of cart sheds, shelters, new tee-offs and planting of several trees. Thanks to the endless efforts of the many volunteers, we have a beautiful course and clubhouse and a wonderful golf club.